Internet Marketing

Google Listing and Google Business Page

You must have a Google Listing. If you don’t your competitors will have an edge on you because I bet they do.  This helps get you listed on Google Maps.  You also need to create a Site Map and send this file to Google so they can index your website.  This will raise your Google rating.  Your website must be Mobile Comparable if it is not your website will not be listed on Goggle.  You also can create a Google Business Page at the same time.  This increases your web foot print.  The cost for this service is $100. 

Google Advertising

Google Advertising is a must. If you don’t your competitors will have an edge on you because I bet they do.  This is just a given.  We will set you up with the Google Express account and help you set up your key words.  The cost for this service is $50

 Facebook Business Page

It does not matter if you like Facebook or Not you must have a Facebook Business Page.  This is how you can interface directly with your customers.  The more you post on it the more people will see your Business.  When you post to your Facebook page and one of your customer likes and shares that post them all of their friends see your post. BOOM the beauty of Facebook “Free Advertising”. All you need to do is give us some content and photos and we will create your Facebook Business Page.  Our cost for doing this is $200.  We can manage and control the page for you for $25 a month.  If you just want us to post off and on it is a $25 per post.  

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is the most cost affective advertising you can do. You can create ads and specify how long the ad will run and you can limit the amount of money that ad will cost. The cool thing is you can stop it at any time.   We can do Facebook Advertising for you for $50 per add.   We can Teach you how to set up Facebook Advertising for $150

Yelp Listing

Yelp Listing is a must as it is free.  You just need to know how to set it up and the keywords to use.  We will do this for you and the cost for this service is $50

Yelp Advertising

Yelp Advertising is more involved.  You need to use the keywords and upload photo and Yelp will give you different levels you can buy.  We can also set this up for you. The cost for this service is $100

Yelp Advertising and Optimization

If you are going to pay for Yelp Advertising you need to pay to have the yelp account Optimized! Yes their are tricks of the trade that will help your Yelp account rise in the ratings.  This is very time consuming but is worth the effort. The cost for this service is $250